Muddy Buddy Head & Cab


The Muddy Buddy Head and Cab is the head and speaker cabinet version of the tried and true Muddy Buddy Combo
It is the finest and best sounding miniature Practice/Recording Tube amplifier without compromises.
The ultimate 1 Watt amplifier with single ended class A shock-mounted subminiature Micro Tubes at 1 Watt RMS driving an Alnico 10" hempcone speaker.
The head has added features like Reverb, 3 band EQ and Master controls on the front panel with LAS 'live amp sound' line out.

Micro Tubes (subminiature) - Small tubes, but sizable warmth, presence, power and transparency.
These special purpose tubes were developed by the military to operate smoothly under extreme conditions
with maximum life span.

Single ended class A

1 Watt RMS Micro Tube Power

No-compromise Custom Transformers
by Mercury Magnetics

Point - point terminal wiring

10" Alnico Hemp cone speaker

Volume - Reverb - 3 band EQ - Master

Tube 3-spring reverb

'Live Amp Sound' Line out and Headphones outputs

Finger-joint pine cabinets

Guitar - Acoustic - Steel - Bass
Microphone - Harp - Keyboard

Single ended class A 1 Watt RMS
Point - point terminals
Volume (Gain Boost), Tone Controls
10" Jensen style Alnico Hemp cone speaker
8 or 16 ohm speaker output
LAS Line out and Headphoes outputs
Standby switch
Super quiet power supply and
custom handwound Mercury Magnetics transformers
Shock-mounted tubes
Tube life: 30.000+ hours!
Paper-oil capacitors
Sprague TVA Filters
Carbon Composition resistors
Aluminum Chassis

Finger-joint pine cabinets

100/120/220/240VAC (50/60Hz)
Handmade in USA

Head: 10-5/8 x 6-7/8 x 6-1/4 - 8.7 lbs
Speaker Cabinet: 17 x 13 x 8 - 11 lbs

Guitar, Acoustic, Steel, Bass,
Microphone, Harp, Keyboard ...

IEC socket, LAS Line Out ™ with TRS and XLR, Headphones

The Muddy Buddy has beautiful textured and pure cleans making a smooth transition through a wide range of
overdrive and distortion tones peaking into raw 60s style fuzz tones.

The low output speaker is perfect for microphones in the recording studio.
Higher impedance Ribbon mics can now be used for beautiful natural guitar sounds.
The mic can pick up more detail without being overloaded by the low frequencies and higher output of larger speakers.

LAS -Live Amp Sound- Line Out ™ option with Level control and TRS and XLR low impedance outputs.
It mimics the characteristics of a moving voice coil from the speaker and provides an attenuated signal at line level

Use the Level control knob to adjust signal output around Line Level.
TRS gives a balanced signal with a 1/4'' Stereo cable or an unbalanced signal with a Mono 1/4'' cable.
XLR gives a balanced signal with a shielded XLR cable.

The Line Out signal is always present.
With a speaker plugged in, it can be added to the recording mix for another layer of guitar sound or for a live gig can be sent to the PA mixer.
With the speaker unplugged, an internal load kicks in.

This little amplifier is an unbelievable powerful recording tool.
The Line out can be used as a quasi overdrive pedal or connect directly into a mixer or recorder.
The sound and response from the genuine power tube section with it's super hi-quality output transformer and even order harmonic break-up
leaves typical battery powered distortion pedals behind.
Away with fuzzy unnatural toy-like character - welcome natural and musical even-order harmonic single-ended power tube overdrive.

with optional illuminated front panel

Purple Tolex with see-through illuminated front panel

All black with see-through illuminated front panel

As with all Siegmund Amplifiers, speakers are installed already 'broken in'.

User Feedback:

Head and 1x10

Hi Chris,

Had a chance to play around with the amp and absolutely love it. The cleans are crystal clear and there are just so many different overdrive tones to play with.
Combined with the reverb, it's a pleasantly overwhelming amp. Haven't even plugged pedals into it yet because I've just been exploring the variations on the thing.
Happy New Year, and thanks for this amazing piece!

Anthony Blasucci


I've been playing the amp some more and it's perfect. I recommend it to anyone wanting a small fender style amp but high quality 1 watt sound.

Steven Galati

I do not have the words to describe how luscious the sounds were coming out of the speaker. Your amp and speaker are the perfect combination for my 3.9K Neck / Middle and 4.2K Bridge Pickups [wound them myself].
I haven't even started fiddling with the knobs yet and I could not be more pleased with my set up (the line in is perfect).

Thank you very much. You produced a wonderful sounding product and made the whole transaction easy and worthwhile.
BTW, my wife of 35 years thinks the mini tubes are adorable.

So, I have to ask, 'Why is your amp so quiet?'
The same guitar plugged into my old amp has a considerable 'hum' or 'buzz' at all guitar and amp volume settings.
My new guitar when plugged into your amp with the guitar volume dimed and the amp at 3/4 volume [both knobs] has a barely a discernible low frequency hum.

I fully acknowledge my old amp is a mass produced combination unit but I am surprised that there is so much of a difference when it comes to interference.
I guess what I am saying is I am really impressed with your ability to produce such a clean sounding product. If it sounded only half a good as it does I would have been ecstatic.

Spencer Beckett

1x8 Combo

Hi Chris,

I received the amp yesterday evening. It is literally a piece of art.
The quality is outstanding and it makes it an incredible bargain.
You could easily charge twice for this amp given the build and sound quality.
I love the sound, this is exactly what I was looking for as a practice amp. It has amazing sustain at low volume.
It is also very quiet for a tube amp. I have not had time to explore all the possibilities but I am quite thrilled.

Michel Cekleov


Got the amp yesterday, and it is fantastic! Excellent quality, and the sounds are from super clean, to just the right touch of crunch.
I played around last night with one of my new Stratocasters which has the S-2 switching and was able to get some fantastic sounds out of the amp.
Very bluesy and lots of bottom without being distorted, it was great.
Thanks again Chris, fantastic job.

Chris Jackson

Hi Chris,

After some months I can tell you one thing: the Muddy Buddy is the best amp that I ever had. It has great tones and sounds amazing even at whisper volume levels.
It also takes pedals really well: it is the perfect amp for practicing and recording.


Hey Chris,

I absolutely love the tones and versatility of this little guy. It really packs quite a punch for such a small size. The clean tones are so rich I just melt into its sound.
And since I usually add a little gain to my clean tones, this amp gives the perfect amount of crunch with more than enough to really crank it whenever I want.
Not to mention the beautiful craftsmanship you put into it. This is really a fine piece of art. I love the look of the Bloodwood and the Birds Eye Maple with the Radio Wave Grill!
And I'm happy I went with the Tuki Cover, very nice accessory for protection.

Thank you for this one of a kind amp. I really appreciate this and plan to use it for years and years to come.

Hey Chris,

I hope you are doing very well! I just wanted to fill you in on what I've been up to and how well this extraordinary amp has helped me out.
When I first got it from you in the summer of 2014, I was totally stoked to take it to Boston with me for a Berklee Summer Program. There I mainly used it as a practice amp in the practice rooms, but it started quite a buzz among the other guitarists in the program. It quickly proved to be a versatile and irreplaceable amenity to my everyday music life. There I also got the opportunity to do a bit of recording with it and took advantage of the Line Out!
Since then I took it to college with me in New York. There I continued to play it daily and I became quite accustomed to the rich warm tones it creates in tandem with my Hofner New President archtop. There in New York I also created a few more recordings where I use the Muddy Buddy with the Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail (Reverb) and the Vemuram Jan Ray (distortion) pedals. This kept my set up quaint but powerfully pleasant which would never have been possible if it weren't for my Muddy Buddy.
I've included a link to a video for you to see how well it's served me! -
I've also used it in several gig formats, connecting it to a PA System through the Line Out. Everyone who's heard it is very impressed by it's sound and beauty. I continue to get raving remarks about how awesome this amp is from everyone I meet. And I always say it's made by the one and only Chris Siegmund!!

All the best and Happy New Year,
Landon Akiyama

Hey Chris,
I wanted to drop a quick line about the Muddy Buddy, you probably already know but I just discovered. I did some home recording with it today and was adjusting the master on the back. I found it behaves like an amp that is much bigger in terms of output (watts?) I was expecting it to mush out a bit when I attenuated it down but it held up, just at a lower volume. I am not sure how you accomplished that but it worked. Impressive. I have one other one watt amp and it does not hold up like this one.

I used it with a couple of pedals, a booster and a Tone Bender MK II, it worked out pretty well. I was surprised by the results coming through the 8" speaker. I was able to get good clean up by adjusting the volume on my guitar, which I know had more to do with the pedal but the amp handled it well too.

Thanks again,

This thing has amazing head room and body in the lower frequencies. It isn't lacking anywhere other than just the obvious volume.
This is such a game changer for me. I can practice and be dynamic without blowing out my household.
Thanks again Chris for your brilliant and thoughtful designs.
Ryan Fergon

Hi Chris, In terms of aesthetics, the amp is a real beauty, everything feels solid and very well built.
Regarding the sound, I couldn't ask more, wonderful for clean and crunch tones, very articulated and rich with an impressive amount of low frequencies and headroom. More than that, it's very touch-responsive and has amazing sustain, also at very low volume.
I was very surprised by the results with pedals, it takes my pedal chain very well.

For me this is a real game changer, the perfect amp for home and studio recording, great job Chris!!!

Thanks and regards

Sound Samples:

The guitar is the
I upgraded a large diaphragm condenser tube mic with a Micro Tube, Neumann U47 replacement capsule and Jensen transformer plugged into the Simplex Mic Pre



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