Vintage style Tube Amplifiers

Siegmund Tube Amplifiers are original and musical instruments, individually hand made to order point-point
using the finest custom transformers and NOS components available in vacuum tube history.


Muddy Buddy Head & Cab

1 Watt
Muddy Buddy

1 Watt

Midnight Special Combo

5 - 15 Watt
Midnight Special 300B Head

10 Watt

Midnight Special Head

5 - 30 Watt
Midnight Special Combo Plus

5 - 30 Watt

Sound King 300B

25 Watt
Sound King 300B Combo

25 Watt

Diamond 300B

25 Watt

Doppler Stereo Combo

38 Watt

Midnight Blues

20 - 100 Watt

Big Boy 330 Bass

330 Watt

ST-230 Hifi Stereo

2x 30-70 Watts

Siegmund Amplifiers are exceptional and unique tube amplifiers, created with genuine instrument making passion and craftsmanship.
The heart and soul is the musical and electrical ideal balance, true innovation, best vintage components and non-compromise custom transformers.
The beautiful and timeless esthetical aspects are an essential part of the whole experience of owning a truly special hand-crafted musical instrument.