Reverb Options

Solid pine with hand-made 1/4" finger joints
Baltic birch baffleboard and backpanel
Dimensions: (H) 11" x (W) 20" x (D) 9-1/2"
Cabinet Type

Olive Stripe Tweed

Oxblood with Gold Stripe Grill Cloth
Tweed options
Knob color

High quality 16ga sheet steel
Extra fine buffing, heavy nickel and chrome plating
Special screen lettering paint resists chemicals and abrasion
Phenolic boards with turrets
Complete wired Chassis

NOS 1950s blackplate or current production JJ tubes
Tube Sets

Custom Cabinet Options

Tolex, Grill Cloth, Handles and Feet

Email with any questions and to inquire about current delivery times with the description of the Cabinet Type.

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